The Secret of the Abbes of Assisi (Paperback)

It´s the middle of the thirteenth century and a party of pilgrims from the Kingdom of Bohemia set out on pilgrimage to Compostela, Spain. The king puts the safety of the pilgrims, who include his venerable aunt Agnes, into the hands of his most trusted courtier, Oldrich of Chlum. As murder begins to claim individuals pilgrims, Agnes confesses to Oldrich that the object of their journey is about more than faith and devotion.
nakladatelství Handshake Press
autor: Vlastimil Vondruška
rok vydání: 2023
počet stran: 404
řada: Oldřich z Chlumu (Hříšní lidé Království českého)

Cena: 399 Kč